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Are you dreaming of renovating your kitchen? it may seem like finding the perfect cabinets is impossible. Forget about all these thoughts and think clearer! This one-stop guide will enable you to know enough about cabinets.

This FAQ page is your key to navigating the world of cabinets and making your kitchen dreams a reality.

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At Majestic Cabinet, we carry a wide range of high-quality, semi and custom
kitchen cabinets. All of our cabinets are constructed and evaluated to meet
your requirements. Although choosing a quality manufacturer is essential,
your final cabinet selection will ultimately depend on your taste, kitchen
layout, and budget. The best kitchen cabinets are designed to last 20-30
years with proper installation. When planning your budget and kitchen
cabinet design, that’s important to keep in mind.
Your price will change based on construction materials, finishes, door styles, and numbers. With Majestic Cabinet direct-to-consumer pricing, homeowners’ costs are typically 40% less than if they purchased kitchen cabinets from other sources.
What accessories do I need to make my kitchen work the way I want?
The layout and size of your kitchen will determine the number and type of accessories you can add to cabinets in your remodel. Our professional kitchen designers can walk you through choices for pull-out hardware, shelves, and under-cabinet options to turn your kitchen into a highly functional area for cooking and storage.
Majestic Cabinet carries granite and quartz <> countertops to provide durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting options for the family kitchen. Granite and quartz come in various colors and patterns to suit the decor and personality of any home..
If your new kitchen footprint moves cabinet runs or where your appliances sit, you may need new plumbing, electrical, backsplash, flooring, lighting, and paint, which could dramatically increase your budget. The professional kitchen designers at Majestic Cabinet can help you determine the costs and help you choose hardware, accessories, and flooring to stay within your budget & help <> remodeling kitchen.
An updated kitchen adds more resale value to your home than any other upgrade. New cabinets may contrast unfavourably with your existing appliances, flooring, or paint-all things you may need to do before selling your house. A comprehensive kitchen design, executed by a professional, will ensure that your investment adds maximum value and is aesthetically pleasing for both you and a future buyer, and with our complimentary consultation you have nothing to worry about.
we can work within your budget and provide you with the best options for what you want to spend. Our designers take the complexity out of the process by providing you with experienced advice and a 3D rendering of what your kitchen will look like when the renovation is complete. They will also walk through the project’s timeframe, from design to ordering to delivery, installation, countertops, flooring, and painting. Our designers know what products are available and will best meet your needs. They are there to answer your questions every step of the way. A kitchen renovation project can take 6-8 weeks from the delivery of the cabinets. Your kitchen contractor can also help you understand the project timeframe.