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9 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider for Your Next Refacing!

Majestic Cabinet's modern kitchen design showcasing exquisite cabinet style with shaker cabinet style


When it comes to Kitchen cabinet style and design, one of the most crucial elements is the cabinetry. Not only do kitchen cabinets provide essential storage space, but they also play a significant role in defining the overall style and ambiance of the kitchen. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right kitchen cabinet style for your space especially when you want to reface your kitchen cabinets. In this guide, we’ll explore 10 of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles, from timeless classics to modern marvels, to help you find the perfect fit for your home.


  1. Shaker Style Cabinets:
  2. Named after the Shaker furniture tradition known for its simplicity and functionality, Shaker style cabinets feature clean lines, recessed panels, and minimal ornamentation. These versatile cabinets work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a timeless look with a modern twist
  1. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet
  4. Flat Panel Cabinets:

    Flat panel cabinets, also known as slab cabinets, are characterized by their sleek and minimalist design. With a flat center panel and no additional detailing, these cabinets create a clean and streamlined look perfect for modern and minimalist kitchen designs. Flat panel cabinets are often seen in sleek, urban spaces where simplicity is key.

  5. Kitchen featuring a grey flat panel cabinet, white counter top, and grey sleek kitchen cabinets.

  7. Traditional Raised Panel Cabinets:

    For those who appreciate classic elegance and intricate detailing, traditional raised panel cabinets are the ideal choice. Featuring a raised center panel surrounded by a frame, these kitchen cabinet styles exude sophistication and charm. They often incorporate ornate embellishments and decorative elements, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any kitchen.

  8. Kitchen featuring a brown traditional raised cabinet in a classic style kitchen and long windows.
  11. Open Shelving Cabinets:

    Open shelving has become increasingly popular in recent years for its ability to create an open and airy feel in the kitchen. Instead of traditional closed cabinets, open shelving allows homeowners to display dishes, cookbooks, and decorative items, adding personality and character to the space. This style is perfect for those who want to showcase their belongings and create a more relaxed, lived-in atmosphere.

  12. Majestic Cabinet | Kitchen featuring a brown classic style, with Open Shelving Cabinets design
  15. Glass Front Cabinets:

    Glass front cabinets offer a perfect balance between functionality and style. With transparent or frosted glass doors, these kitchen cabinet styles allow homeowners to showcase their dishware and glassware while keeping everything neatly organized. Glass front cabinets are particularly popular in kitchens with a more formal or elegant aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

  16. Majestic Cabinet | a kitchen with glass front cabinet, white color, dark counter top
  19. Beadboard Cabinets:

    Beadboard cabinets feature vertical grooves or “beads” that add texture and visual interest to the doors and drawer fronts. This kitchen cabinet style is reminiscent of classic cottage or farmhouse kitchens and is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Beadboard cabinets are often painted in light, neutral colours to enhance their rustic charm.

  20. Majestic Cabinet | a kitchen with Beadboard Cabinets, top row white and button row are blue, with light brown counter top
  23. Two-Tone Cabinets:

    Two-tone cabinets add visual interest and dimension to the kitchen by combining two different colours or finishes. This trend allows homeowners to create contrast and balance within the space, such as pairing light upper cabinets with dark lower cabinets or incorporating a pop of colour on the island. Two-tone cabinets are a great way to infuse personality and style into the kitchen while maintaining a cohesive look.

    a kitchen with two tone cabinets, white and blue

  25. Industrial Style Cabinets:

    Industrial style cabinets are characterized by their raw and rugged appearance, often featuring materials such as metal, reclaimed wood, and concrete. This style is inspired by urban loft spaces and warehouse conversions, with exposed hardware, distressed finishes, and utilitarian details. Industrial style cabinets add a touch of urban chic to the kitchen and are perfect for those who appreciate a more edgy and unconventional aesthetic.

  26. Majestic Cabinet - a kitchen with industrial style cabinet
  29. Modern High-Gloss Cabinets:

    For a sleek and contemporary look, modern high-gloss cabinets are the perfect choice. These cabinets feature a glossy finish that reflects light and creates a sense of brightness and spaciousness in the kitchen. With their smooth surfaces and clean lines, modern high-gloss cabinets are ideal for minimalist and futuristic designs, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space.

  30. Majestic Cabinet | a kitchen with Modern High-Gloss Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet style is essential for creating a space that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of traditional raised panel cabinets or the sleek simplicity of flat panel cabinets, there’s a style to suit every aesthetic. By exploring these 10 popular kitchen cabinet styles, you’ll be well-equipped to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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